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The Entropy Machine is a collaboration between interactive artist Owen Lowery and Chemical Engineer Damilola Daramola.


The project uses scientific equations behind natural occurrences of several types of turbulent forces, including vortex turbulence, mechanical resonance, turbulent flow, and entropy.


The presence and motion of human visitors are adapted into environmental variables such as density, velocity, vibration resonance, Reynolds number, convection, rate of entropy and more.


As visitors interact, traces of quanta, or energy, can be seen floating from their body. As their energy flows onto the canvas, it mixes with colors and imagery left by every person who came before them. Eventually, their body loses it's orderly form and flows entirely onto the canvas, mixing with everything else in a state of symbolic equilibrium.


Each time the project is set up, it begins from the state it last let off, creating an ongoing piece of collective art.